The Nigeria graft agency takes over properties from ex-governors

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria, EFCC, announced on Wednesday that it had begun sampling a two-time governor of the southern Imo State.
Rochas Okorocha, an APC member of the All Progressive Congress, is presently serving as a Senator.
The EFCCsaid its operatives had marked properties in its name as well as those of family members and cronies so far. "It was the result of a painstaking inquiry, and as a consequence of the inability of those to whom they were traced, to honor the EFCC's invitation to interrogation.
No one in the course of the action was" raided "or" harassed "by operatives.
"They include: Dews of Hope Hospital traced to Dr. Paschal Obi, former Principal Secretary of Okorocha; Market Square Supermarket; All in One Shop, and premises belonging to Imo State Broadcasting Corporation now hosting Rochas Foundation College owned by Senator Okorocha," read an EFCC declaration.
"Others include: East High Academy and East High College, owned by Okorocha's daughter, Uloma Okorocha-Nwosu; Royal Spring Palm Hotel and Apartment, 16 block cum 96 apartments and eight multi-million Naira bungalows traced to Okorocha's wife," he added.
State governors are strong political voices across Nigeria, most of whom have been accused of high-level corruption, but they are Shielded by immunity while in office.
A former Ekiti Stae governor, Peter Ayodele Fayose, is presently being tested by the EFCC. The incumbent governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, is the topic of a dollar bribe saga in the north central Kano State.
During his tenure, which finished in March 2019, the ex-governor is no stranger to controversy. He justified and built a number of statues with money from taxpayers over $1 m.
He built the infamous statue avenue of Imo that honored, among others, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia and Jacob Zuma of South Africa.
President Buhari also has one of Imo State's larger-than-life statues.
Then Governor Okorocha named a Commissioner for Happiness and the Fulfillment of Couples in 2017. He handed over the portfolio to his sibling Ogechi Ololo.
She had earlier held the role of Deputy Chief of Staff and Special Advisor on national issues.
The choice was obtained on social media with many Twitter users asking if there really is a need for the post.



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