Polytechnic Ibadan Destroys over 1,000 student phones; gives reason[ PHOTOS]

On Wednesday, The Polytechnic, Ibadan's management demolished no less than one thousand mobile phones worth more than fifteen million naira (N150 million).
DAILY POST collected that the mobile phones were confiscated from learners during the last year's multiple exams at the institution.
The phones were captured and subsequently burned to decrease malpractice examination through the use of information and communication technology.
The burning of the items was overseen by a senior lecturer and the institution's instant previous Deputy Rector, Mr. Bayo Oyeleke.
Others at the case were: Deputy School Registrar, Mrs. Ayoade, Public Relations Officer, Alhaji Soladoye Adewole, Chief Security Officer, Head of Legal Unit, Ibadan, Barrister Ige Akinsola and President of the Student Union Government, Akadiri Bayonle Oyeleke indicated in his address that the school authority generally advised learners not to take mobile phones to exam rooms, but it was amazed that some learners did not give in to the warning.
He said, "However, some learners still go with their mobile phones to the exam room, which is contrary to the institution's laws and regulations."
He said, "Nevertheless, some learners are still going to the exam room with their mobile phones, which is contrary to the institution's laws and regulations.
" Oyeleke insisted that the action of burning the mobile phones after they were confiscated was carried out to serve as a deterrent to the institution's learners who wish to further indulge in the illegal and inappropriate act.
For his portion, Adewole informed DAILY POST that the executives decided to burn the mobile phones so that they would not get into the incorrect hands.
How While confirming our correspondent's burning of mobile phones on Thursday, the PRO said, "Up to 1,000 mobile phones seized in the last year have been burned.
They were captured in the last year during examinations. "But it's not going to be okay if we return them to the owners because we want to guarantee the sanctity of our college exams. The leadership has chosen to burn mobile phones, it's going to be inappropriate if we say we're going to return them, they might fall into the incorrect hands."
We warned learners not to bring phones into examination halls.
Any student who has tried to cheat using contemporary technology like phones will have the phone confiscated.
"We want to prevent cheating by using technology. The training was attended by lecturers, there were student leaders, and there were also members of the institution's Press Council."



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