Osoba worked for the government of Abacha and NADECO at the same time-Oshun

Temidayo Akinsuyi, Lagos Two chieftains of Afenifere, Wale Oshun and Senator Femi Okurounmu, replied on Wednesday to claims by former Ogun State Governor Aremo Olusegun Osoba that there were vicious characters who considered him inconsistent in the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) but did not suffer like him in the fight of June 12.
In an interview given to mark the launch of his book, Battlelines: Adventures in Journalism and Politics, Osoba said: "Some of our individuals I'd call vicious personalities, and I'll give you examples, they're in my book, but I'll give you my mind on it." People like Oshun Wale, Who wrote a book entitled Clapping With One Hand, formed the feeling that I was no one in the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) struggle, and Senator Femi Okurounmu, who labeled me as the late Gen. Sani Abacha's turncoat for years because he wished to be governor of Ogun State.
"I had the opportunity to challenge my detractors if any of them suffered as much as I did, if they did, then they have the right to insult me."
Otherwise, they should hold their mouths closed forever.
I want them to answer in detail how I placed documentation in this book, how I placed the names of the witnesses.
"Five times I have escaped attempted assassinations.
So when Oshun and Okurounmu spoke, I looked at them in the fight as tiny kids. If they didn't go through the kinds of things I came through, they should stay silent. "However, talking in a chat with our correspondent, Oshun, who is the domestic chairperson of the Afenifere Renewal Group and a former chief whip of the House of Representatives, revealed how Osoba donated the amount of 5,000 pounds to Maryam Abacha's project, but g. Oshun, who in his book, The Open Grave, created the revelation:NADECO and the Struggle for Democracy, said Osoba gave the cash to Chief John Oyegun, former Edo State Governor and former National Chairman of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), who was sent by NADECO to meet Osoba for help.
He said the chieftains of NADECO were incensed by Osoba's obvious disregard for them that they almost requested Oyegun to return his cash to him.
He said: "It is doubtful if history could be complete without direct reference to an person who showed dexterity in keeping a mistaken stance concerning NADECO membership and participating in the transition program of the dictatorship."
Arising from the elevated profile of Chief Olusegun Osoba In the Abacha transition phase, the majority of NADECO employees overseas eventually shunned him on his many journeys overseas.
"However, Chief John Oyegun and I took the stance that since he maintained the bravery to always contact us whenever he visited London, it should make sense to admit that his heart was with the fight as many other rich Nigerians like him would love to associate with renowned NADECO authorities, whether in Nigeria or overseas."
However, the problem came to a head at one of our conferences when it was commonly reported in the Nigerian press that he (Osoba) donated the amount of N500,000 to the pet project of Mrs. Maryam Abacha, the Family Support Programme.
"That time coincided with NADECO's moment overseas could hardly raise cash to fulfill its office rent, telephone bills and electricity rates."
On Osoba's next trip, one of our participants ran into him at Chief Longe's residence, the advertising mogul, driven into exile for challenging Nigeria Airways in a London court for breaching their company partnership.
"At our conference, the member revealed that Chief Osoba lavishly hosted a party to celebrate his friend's 50th birthday and used the chance to ask him to help NADECO who was then on the brink."
The member was certain that he would not come to our assistance, and to put the matter to rest, I proposed that Chief John Oyegun (who was nearest to him among us) should ask him to help the coalition. "We imagined that we should be able to run our office for four months with 5,000 Pounds, which was the equivalent of his N500,000 gift to Maryam Abacha's pet project.
Chief Oyegun has agreed to see him."
Oyegun's gone.
He returned from Osoba with a money gift of 250 pounds.
And our next meeting was so polarized that I believed it would be hard to meet again.
"The unanimous choice was that the gift was an insult, and all but two participants ruled that it should be returned to the giver."
The cash rapidly became insignificant when participants spoke about the harm His romance with the Abacha transition program caused the fight, and that his explanation that his participation was to maintain political strength for progressives lacked any social advantage to the fight, but was for private and selfish purposes.
"Also talking to our correspondent on Wednesday, Okurounmu described Osoba as a traitor who betrayed the late MKO Abiola and wanted a former dictatorship. Okurounmu, who would launch his memoirs titled The Dream, today in remembrance of his 80th birthday, said Osoba lied when he claimed he was not a military apologist.
Okurounmu, who also claimed Osoba was an officer The army and close ally of former military president Ibrahim Babangida added that Osoba's 1992 campaign for governorship in Ogun State was funded by Babangida.
He said: "Those who know Osoba understand he's always been a double-faced politician.
On one side, he'll want individuals to see him as a progressive, on the other side, he's working with the safety forces.
Osoba has always been a safety forces officer."
He has one arm in the army and the other leg in the progressive camp.
I'm telling you now if you've never been told that.
"So, of course, when he explained what he went through in his book for anyone who is a double agent, While being a close associate of Babangida, he was now pretending to support MKO Abiola. That was what put him in difficulty with the army.
"Initially, when Abiola's election was annulled and everyone believed it would be a brief fight for Abiola to reclaim his mandate, Osoba pretended to be with us in that fight so that he could also profit if Abiola ultimately became president."
That pretense of being with us is what put him in difficulty and he was arrested.
In reality, in court, individuals like Gani Fawehinmi had to go and fight for him.
"But as soon as he realized that the struggle was not going to be a brief one and that the military was not prepared to hand over to Abiola, He left the fight.
"When the late Sani Abacha established his five political parties, we in Afenifere agreed that we would not engage in any of the five parties."
When we took that choice, Osoba was present, but as quickly as we left the location, he decamped and took his supporters and they all went to join Abacha's transformation.
"So, Osoba participated completely in Abacha's transition in all ward-to-local government-level elections, Osoba's men participated. So, he was not part of the fight of NADECO." Osoba is a traitor and a coward.
He says lies and intends to distort history because he understands that he has betrayed Nigerians, He has betrayed the progressive cause and the Yoruba people." "I think that anyone who took part in Abacha's transformation betrayed Abiola. "When our correspondent contacted Osoba, he pledged to react to the problems raised by Oshun and Okurounmu at the suitable moment." Do not care.

I'll give them my answer at the suitable moment, "he said.



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