Nigeria's leaders are Greedy-Simi

Nigerian musician # Simi has eventually kept silent on the country's occurring, stating that if only our rulers can set their wealth and authority away and placed the nation first, then the nation will be in excellent shape. 
The singer who is on holiday at the moment came on to claim cash, reputation, authority are not essential, so Nigerian should do good. 
She penned;

Imagine the magic we could do in this nation if it was conducive.
If electricity has been robust.
If the wellness industry has been stable.
If public education is up to the rate, etc...
We Nigerians go outside and give out the magic we could so easily bestow on our own land because it doesn't operate even when u attempt to do it here.
Doctors, creative individuals, tech individuals, entrepreneurs, etc.
We are competent-we just need a opportunity to demonstrate it.
I hope the rulers would bring Nigeria and the individuals first with all my core.
Not their greed, not their thirst for energy.
Imagine, just think truly creating this nation function and getting ur kids develop up worthy of being raised to individuals who matter enough to create a distinction for everyone- not just for themselves. Imagine people eager to arrive to Nigeria because it's amazing.
# bloggers, too, you need to do stronger people. Most Nigerians go to you for all their Nigerian news and most of what you have to offer is the pain, the bad, the evil, the chaos.
People arrive to u and almost everything you have to tell is depressing.
Everyone else offers their nation so well, we want to operate there -but we push our nation so well in the mud, no one considers anything nice in us.
Everything has been hard and embarrassing for so long, you're becoming the item you detest.
We're not even trying longer. We are just as terrible.
Break the law, if you can. You're stealing something you can. Nobody knows that all we have is us. And when we loose that, there's nothing remaining.
There will always be stupid people-but you definitely don't have to be one of them. Do cleaner.
Think a little larger. Money, reputation, energy, wants, skill, transportation is not all.
It only takes as soon as individuals pay notice. Do cleaner.



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