Dani Alves: Messi is my friend, but he's really wrong.

Brazil's Captain Dani Alves sent a warning note to the contentious allegations of his former Bacerlona Team Mate Messi that there is corruption at the 2019 Copa America, and this time Dani Alves Let Bare His Mind On The Issue. With Messi insisting on corruption, veteran right-back Alves openly bashed messi stating he disagreed with the comments made by his ex-colleague after the brazils shattered Peru's 3-1 final victory, and that Messi showed a enormous absence of regard for Brazil, officials and supporters.

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"A friend isn't always right just because he's a friend. You can say it in the heat of the moment, but I'm still not going to agree," Alves informed SporTV. "First, in my perspective, he disrespects an institution like the Selecao. Second, he disrespects several experts who set a lot of stuff aside so they could be there fighting for a dream." I'm a friend who always says the truth when it's due, and I believe he was right to say these stuff.



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