Couple fall from the 9th floor window while having sex

A female was murdered after falling from the fifth floor of a block of apartments in Russia while having sex, but her partner survived after landing on top of her.
 30-year-old girl was discovered dead on the night of July 5 at the base of an apartment block in St. Petersburg during what neighbors described as a wild party. Ambulance Testimonies said they saw a television thrown from the window of the apartment, after which the female and her 29-year-old lover came to the floor below. The lady landed head-first on the asphalt and died immediately, local media reported, but her body and neighboring bushes broke the guy after his collapse.
Witnesses informed local media that the partly clothed guy then got up and came back to join the party.
Police were called, and the revellers reportedly threw a mop at them from the windows when they came. Initial reports proposed that the falling TV had murdered the lady, but pictures from the scene obviously demonstrate her Unclad from the waist down.
After interviewing witnesses, researchers found that when they fell, the pair had sex on a windowsill. When the fall occurred, two other people were in the flat, but they are not believed to have been engaged.



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