Broda Shaggi: Associating My Brand with Davido-Celebrities

Known as' good boy agbero' by many of his supporters, Samuel Perry, commonly known as Broda Shaggi, is actually enjoying some of the finest moments of his life at the time.
A fairly unknown star just over a year ago, the University of Lagos graduate has shifted from that point to become one of the most famous young comedians on social media space in latest times.
Shaggi, who plays the character of a lout (agbero in local speaking) in most of his skits on the Internet, told Saturday Beats that beyond his creativity and hard work, his friendship and association with hip hop artist, Davido, was among the things most responsible for his wide acceptance today.
According to the young entertainer, it wasn't simple for him to manage fame and keep up with people's expectations even though he is doing well in his craft.
He said, "My association and friendship with Davido has undoubtedly enhanced my brand considerably."
Davido is a wonderful man who is prepared to help anyone on his manner.
Knowing and moving with him has been a blessing for my brand.
"Speaking of how the scenario had been with women throwing themselves at him, Shaggi, who comes from Ogun State, revealed that he had learned to stay focused despite the attention he received from fans.
He has added, "It's not uncommon for women to value you differently if you're great at your craft and famous."
But as a individual, I do my utmost to concentrate on my skills and discover fresh methods I can enhance.
"It wasn't simple to try to remain there and create a larger name, and it's only through focus that you can accomplish that."
My comedy style is distinct and that's why I depend on God for inspiration to come up with my skits.
"I'm a powerful believer in God.
Anything I do, I placed Him first and that's why I depend on Him for inspiration."



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