BREAKING NEWS! Legend of Bayern Munich, Arjen Robben Retires

Arjen Robben from Bayern Munich has called time for a remarkable life including eight championship championships in Germany alone. The left-footed correct winger also helped the Netherlands to finish in the 2010 World Cup final.

Arjen Robben has announced after 10 years at Bayern Munich that he will leave the club.
With the Bavarian team not involved in expanding his agreement for another summer, when assessing his alternatives, the Dutchman outlined a fight between his core and his brain.
In a personal statement, Robben called quitting "without a doubt the most difficult decision I've had to make in my career."
"The love of the game and the belief that you can still take on the whole world came up against the reality that not everything always turns out exactly as you want, and that you're no longer a 16-year-old boy who didn't even care what an accident was," Robben penned.

"I'm fit and healthy at the moment, and as a lover of many other sports, I'd like to keep it that way for the future.
So I'm definitely going to prevent, but that's a nice thing."
Robben gained more objectives from the Bundesliga, 99, than any other team from the Netherlands.
He is the second-most prolific marksman of the country in Europe's largest league contest with 31 in the Champions League. Robben also won the Champions League in 2012-13 as portion of the triple-winning campaign of Bayern Munich, reaching the final objective in the 89th minute.
Former Bayern teammates, including Thomas Müller and Holger Badstuber, hurried to give homage.
Having entered Real Madrid for a century, provided he was suitable (not always a certainty), Robben has been a frequent player on the right wing for Bayern.
He is best regarded for his mark objective, getting the game on the correct side, pulling inside on his weaker left foot, often putting a defender or three in his aftermath, creating a tiny quantity of room for himself and then curling the stick around his button and out of grasp of the goalkeeper into the bottom left corner.
Robben earned national championships in four nations: with PSV Eindhoven in his indigenous Holland, twice with Chelsea in the English Premiership, once with Real Madrid in Spain, and eight occasions with Bayern.
His double act with a former winger, Franck Ribery from France, became the things of legend in Germany.
The couple, dubbed "Robbery," lived the vast bulk of their lives in Bavaria.
This winter, Ribery is also withdrawing from the sport.
Bayern had already started to use the next wave of broad attackers to substitute their vibrant trio.
Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry have often been allowed to maintain their former teammates out of the beginning list this summer.

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