Bbnaija: Tacha Emerges Day 3 Challenge Winner

Big Brother sure the partners have a bunch of matches and difficulties in shop to last them all 3 months. The task of day 3 was quite exciting, but it was for the woman housewives alone. Biggy told the women to gather around the large desk (dinning board) while each man sat behind a woman.
 The women were then provided needle bowls and each jar held 15 tubes and they were requested to lay threads in each needle in the box. 
While at it, the boys sat behind them, shouting out noisy to divert them so they get upset and succeed in the assignment.
Each woman attempted as much as she could to concentrate on the assignment amid the distractions from the noisy chanting of the boys. 
The individual who completed first placing the threads in the needle would arise champion, and after lengthy minutes of fighting and fighting, Tacha declared champion as she was the first to finish the assignment. 
With more difficulties coming from Biggy, we're convinced the fellows would brace up the more because everyone wishes to be a victor.



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